Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poison Ivy Sneak Peak!

Hi guys :)
This is a bit of a sneak peak and a question to help us :)

We're making some super awesome new plushes and the first one we're making is Poison Ivy (think batman ;D) and we can't seem to decide.

We firstly made it on orange, the orange was to symbolise her hair seeing as the Fizz plushes don't generally have hair =p but there was something we didn't like about it so we tried it on green!

We want to know;
Which do you prefer; Green or Orange?
Do you think we could make it better & if so how?
If you don't have blogspot, please feel free to comment on the status this was posted on :)

Please note the leafs may change position :)
Thanks guys! ♥


  1. same i thing the green one is a littler cuter are you going to put plush toys like thoose for giveaway there both every cute anyway thanks hope i win for the giveaway



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