Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Art on the Prom!

Art on the Prom is a fair down at the seafront of Felixstowe! It features over 80 professional and hobby artists and WE GOT ACCEPTED TO GOOO :D I am soooo super duper excited :)
If you're someone who lives near then I defiantly recommend checking it out! I've looked around before and the work that people display and sell is incredible!!
I'll probably blog about it nearer the time but it's on September the 5th :) BE THERE!!

We're also on the website, under 'The Studio'! - :D Go lookie!!
I hope everyone is having a brilliant day :)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Items & Etsy! :)

Hi guysss! =D
We've got a bunch of new items including a completely new product; Felt hair clips!! =D

And they're on our NEW etsy shop.. We thought we'd give it a whirl and if it fails it's not particularly a loss =) We've been 'umming and ahhhing' over weather to do it or not for ages now and WE FINALLY DID =D
Tell us what you think?? I'm in love with them but I'm worried some people will just be like 'wtf?' haha!
We've also got lollipops & swirly candy rings =)
On top of all this we're got EVEN MORE stuff to add to our actual website.. but that won't be done tonight =p

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fizz-Monster Headquarters =p

Okay.. So we don't really have 'headquarters' =p nor do we have a fancy working space =(
Up until a few weeks ago everything was stored in plastic containers, shoe boxes and random trays =p.. So after much 'umm'ing and 'arrr'ing over weather to buy these or not, Chris went ahead & bought them! =) (for anyone that doesn't know, Fizz-Monster is run by TWO people - Michelle & Chris)

We both thought that they were super cute =) and it sure beats having loads of odd boxes all over my bedroom! (Everything takes place at mine.. Michelle's, since Chris spends ALL his time here anyway =p)

So yeah.. aren't they cute?

They're a bit bigger than they look actually.. and although we can't get EVERYTHING in them, it's still one step closer to being organised =)

They're not actually kept on the floor either, in fact, that particular space would block my door =p It was just easier to photograph!! But we hope to eventually get more and more cute storage related things so that everything is simple, clean and easy =)
I also wanted to get some cute pictures and plushes to put around the main area where everything is kept for motivation and inspiration =) but we'll see!
I should be back to blog in a few weeks with a few sneak peaks =) We have SO many projects half finished that it's actually insane =p but I'm incredibly excited to show you some of the new things coming to Fizz-Monster super soon =)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Shop Update! =)

I'm about to update the shop with these cute bunch of plushes =)
EXCITED! I think they all turned out really well =)


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