Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Items & Etsy! :)

Hi guysss! =D
We've got a bunch of new items including a completely new product; Felt hair clips!! =D

And they're on our NEW etsy shop.. We thought we'd give it a whirl and if it fails it's not particularly a loss =) We've been 'umming and ahhhing' over weather to do it or not for ages now and WE FINALLY DID =D
Tell us what you think?? I'm in love with them but I'm worried some people will just be like 'wtf?' haha!
We've also got lollipops & swirly candy rings =)
On top of all this we're got EVEN MORE stuff to add to our actual website.. but that won't be done tonight =p


  1. I make felt things too! Gotta showcase them soon!

    <33 Rena

  2. Definatly! Go for it :) I'm sure the things you make are awesome :D



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