Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Congratulations Icitea!
You are our blog winner and the new owner of our rose ring!

You should have recieved an email from us, but if for any reason you haven't recieved it then please send us your shipping address to! Thanks!

Thank you everyone else for entering :) and good luck for next time ;D

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Art on the Prom!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the massive delay in updates! How has everyone been?

Well, I've been swamped with stuff! We had an amazing summer and a spent a huge amount of it crafting for an art/craft show at the end of summer. Art on the Prom!

Art on the Prom takes part on Felixstowe promenade and is a great, large event with the seafront packed full of exciting stalls held by local artists!

Fizz Monster got a stall and we were so so excited! The day turned out to be lovely weather, we had a great spot along the promenade! and we met tons of lovely people and got some amazing feedback!!

Our stall (:

Batman inspired plushes made for the day! From left to right; Poison Ivy, Robin, Batman & Two face.

Us behind our stall! HIIIIII! Chris waiting while I take photos of the whole stall!Chris aunty and gran popped along and took lots of pictures! This is us happily behind our stall (:

We had probably the most colourful stall out of everyone, it was very eye catching ;D

If you haven't been down to Art on the Prom in Felixstowe before, I highly recommend going next year! as this amazing event takes place once a year!! and I hope all of those who did go along had an amazing day! :)

Blog Giveaway - RINGS!!!

Hi guys!
Yes, that's right, it's GIVEAWAYYYY TIMMEEEE.

Wanna win this lovely rose ring?

for a valid entry you must do all three things below;
Please tell us:
-Your name and email address so we can contact you if you win.
-Follow this blog!!! (if your not already)
-What else you would like to see on a ring?
And bam! You've entered!

For additional entries (and please tell us which you do);
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Thanks for entering, be sure to tell your friends! and keep your eyes peeled for some special addition Halloween plushes coming very VERY soon!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Stuff!

New items now on :) We have lots more felt pins and plushes coming!

Hope you like them! ♥

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poison Ivy Sneak Peak!

Hi guys :)
This is a bit of a sneak peak and a question to help us :)

We're making some super awesome new plushes and the first one we're making is Poison Ivy (think batman ;D) and we can't seem to decide.

We firstly made it on orange, the orange was to symbolise her hair seeing as the Fizz plushes don't generally have hair =p but there was something we didn't like about it so we tried it on green!

We want to know;
Which do you prefer; Green or Orange?
Do you think we could make it better & if so how?
If you don't have blogspot, please feel free to comment on the status this was posted on :)

Please note the leafs may change position :)
Thanks guys! ♥

Thursday, 29 April 2010

New 'Mario' Jewellery & Accessories :)

New Items up the site - on

We in no way endorse mario or nintendo! This is just our creative in interpretation :)

Check out this giveaway!

I'm totally in love with the bird & cage necklace :)

Check out; to enter :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Blog giveaway WINNER!! =D

Hi guys! :) Excited to see who the winner is of this cute bunny plush?
WELL!.. before I announce the winner I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who took part! :) We've loved hearing what you like, don't like & would like to see - and we're defiantly keeping it in mind!!
All entries were counted, names were printed out, folded, put into a bowl & chosen at random :) Next time we'll hopefully do a video blog! :D

And the winner is...

Congratulations sweetie :)

Keep checking back for updates & future giveaways :) xx

Friday, 2 April 2010

Freeeee Stuff! AKA Blog Giveaway!!

Want this bunny for FREEEEEEEEEEE?? Yes? Good :) Follow the instructions below to enter our first ever blog giveaway :D

To Enter;
Tell us your name & email address so we can contact you if you win! YAY!
Follow our blog.
And answer these questions;
- What is you favourite item you've ever seen on Fizz-Monster (to see sold out items visit our facebook or myspace :D)
- What is your least favourite item you've ever seen on Fizz-Monster? (don't worry, we won't hunt you down :p)
- What you would like to see on the site? :)

You must do ALL of the above to enter :)

For 1 extra entry (per link);
Tell us your name/user name so we know it's you :)
- Follow us on twitter -
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- Blog about the giveaway.
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Entries close midnight on thursday the 15th of April,
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the 16th of April, here!!
All names will be written down and put into a bowl & chosen randomly! :)

Sneak Peak part 2

A while ago I did a 'sneak peek' of a cut out shape with hearts on it! :) I completely forgot to show you what it actually was! :p

Wallah :)

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Art on the Prom!

Art on the Prom is a fair down at the seafront of Felixstowe! It features over 80 professional and hobby artists and WE GOT ACCEPTED TO GOOO :D I am soooo super duper excited :)
If you're someone who lives near then I defiantly recommend checking it out! I've looked around before and the work that people display and sell is incredible!!
I'll probably blog about it nearer the time but it's on September the 5th :) BE THERE!!

We're also on the website, under 'The Studio'! - :D Go lookie!!
I hope everyone is having a brilliant day :)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Items & Etsy! :)

Hi guysss! =D
We've got a bunch of new items including a completely new product; Felt hair clips!! =D

And they're on our NEW etsy shop.. We thought we'd give it a whirl and if it fails it's not particularly a loss =) We've been 'umming and ahhhing' over weather to do it or not for ages now and WE FINALLY DID =D
Tell us what you think?? I'm in love with them but I'm worried some people will just be like 'wtf?' haha!
We've also got lollipops & swirly candy rings =)
On top of all this we're got EVEN MORE stuff to add to our actual website.. but that won't be done tonight =p

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fizz-Monster Headquarters =p

Okay.. So we don't really have 'headquarters' =p nor do we have a fancy working space =(
Up until a few weeks ago everything was stored in plastic containers, shoe boxes and random trays =p.. So after much 'umm'ing and 'arrr'ing over weather to buy these or not, Chris went ahead & bought them! =) (for anyone that doesn't know, Fizz-Monster is run by TWO people - Michelle & Chris)

We both thought that they were super cute =) and it sure beats having loads of odd boxes all over my bedroom! (Everything takes place at mine.. Michelle's, since Chris spends ALL his time here anyway =p)

So yeah.. aren't they cute?

They're a bit bigger than they look actually.. and although we can't get EVERYTHING in them, it's still one step closer to being organised =)

They're not actually kept on the floor either, in fact, that particular space would block my door =p It was just easier to photograph!! But we hope to eventually get more and more cute storage related things so that everything is simple, clean and easy =)
I also wanted to get some cute pictures and plushes to put around the main area where everything is kept for motivation and inspiration =) but we'll see!
I should be back to blog in a few weeks with a few sneak peaks =) We have SO many projects half finished that it's actually insane =p but I'm incredibly excited to show you some of the new things coming to Fizz-Monster super soon =)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Shop Update! =)

I'm about to update the shop with these cute bunch of plushes =)
EXCITED! I think they all turned out really well =)

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sneak Peak!

A small sneak peak at something we're working on ;D We have so many ideas for soooo many things but we just can't work fast enough =p

In the next few days we should have four new plushes up :) (soon to be five, but one is still only half finished and we really want to start getting the new ones up!) All are previous favourites with slight differences :) I'm rather excited considering we haven't had new plushes up since we first opened! and I myself can see huge improvements from some of the first ones ever made!! If only we had more hands to sew with =p We need to buy some lollipops :) These will be our 'size guide' kind of thing, since we've been told a couple of times that people think our plushes are smaller than they really are!! The idea came from one of my wonderful tutors Carol :) but thank you to everyone else who suggested things to use! We just wanted something a little cuter :)

Thank you for reading :) and please keep checking back! We plan to host a giveaway just in time for Easter =D

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Plushes! =)

Sorry about the terrible quality of writing :( it spassed on me and the only way I could save it was to paste it into paint and upload it as a 'photo' :(

Friday, 12 February 2010


The site we're currently using for our site (good sentence =p) is currently being a BUM and won't let me do anything =(
I'll update soon, promise :)

NEW STUFF: Robot Range!!!

Hi! :D We're not about to add these goodies to our shop :) We decided we're gonna create a 'NEW' page and have whatever is new on there that month and then move it to the appropriate sections :)
I kind of wished we had more time to make more/different robot themed items but we have so many things currently in the making that it's getting hard and slightly confusing to finish EVERYTHING at once, so we thought these would do for now :D and we can always add more if people like them :)
Also, the 'robot range' features our first ever ring! YAY! :)

Monday, 8 February 2010


We've been clearly some stock lately by auctioning off a few bits on ebay! It can be quite a loss but it gives you guys a chance to get some super cheap goodies :)
If you're interested.. there's still a few bits going :) Some plushes from 99p and some necklaces, also from 99p :) Go lookyyyyyyyyy: :)

Also, we're been taking a few pictures to summit to 'Art on the prom' to apply, we're taking our time with applying 'cos we're trying to take the best photos possible and of the best stuff we make :) and since we're in the middle of making A LOT of different things we're waiting for some of them to be done :) But this is one of the images, it made us quite excited to see all of our stuff layed out :D AND also it's a little bit of a sneak peak! 'cos not everything in the photo is on the site yet ;D

It's a little dull, but we can easily brighten it up :) or just take a photo on a better day =p

Friday, 5 February 2010

Everything and anything.

Lately we've been working super hard on loads and loads of stuff :)

Chris has mainly been working on a currently SECRET project :p but we should be able to announce it soon :D!!!
I've been working on some cute felt hair clips that.. so far, have turned out really good :) but are still currently unfinished!!

We also have a robot range, Mario range and music note range on the way :)
AND on top of all of this we're trying to bring back some of the fave plushes such as pirate-fizz & cave-fizz.. but to keep everything unique they're slightly different to the ones previously on the site :D
ANDDDDDDDDDD I've been learning to crochet and reminding myself how to knit in order to bring some goodies there :D WOO!

Is there anything else? Hmm.. Yes in fact.
We have a new plush range soon to be made which will be dedicated to my wonderful friends, who have been incredibly supportive and amazing :D

And lastly.. we've been working super hard to make everything soon to go on our site, the highest quality possible :D! WAHHHEYY! On top of this we're applying for 'i make fun stuff' fair and art on the prom :D Due to the amount of work we've given ourselves lately, we're hoping to go to the NEXT i make fun stuff fair and not the one in march! but it should still be super good and we're very excited!! :D Hopefully this year will be a good year for FM :)

Also, keep checking back 'cos super soon we're having a FREE blog giveaway :) in order to promote our blog!! More details of that will be up soon! :D

Thanks guys :D

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sneaky peaky!

A sneak peak at some of the things that are coming to Fizz-Monster in the next few weeks :D
Anyone wanna guess? ;)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Charms and such..

We've lately had some ideas for various jewellery featuring charms...
but then we stop, and we're kind of like "charms aren't are thing"
but i'm wondering.. would a few charm related jewellery pieces hurt now and again?

Also, keep checking back.. because in the next few days we're going to do another 'sneak peak' of our latest projects :D

Thanks for reading!! :)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Art on the prom!

We're hopeing to go to Art on the Prom in Felixstowe during September :) We're not sure if we'll get accepted yet & we still need to apply but YAY!! :D

We have to send in 4 photos of the kind of things we'll be selling!.. We wanna make four of the best items we can to show them :D I hope we get accepted!!

I wish we had a 'crafty' friend to share the space with =(

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Hi guys :)
Probably not the most exciting news but we've started to print on envelopes :) I don't know how well (or if it would) it will work on padded envelopes but the ones we're using it worked fine :)
and I think it makes it look a lot more professional rather than handwriting :)
Thats all for now.. not much to update anyone on really!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Updated shop & robot range!

Today we have updated the shop :)
We have lots of domino goodies, donuts, cupcakes, bunnies and more ;D Go check it out!

Also, a sneak peak of the robot range to come!
This is a necklace I made but have decided not to sell (It's got a dent in it's face which I accidently did just before baking D:) so I shall keep it for myself :)
BUT I plan to remake it (and not ruin it xD) as I think it's the cutest of all the ones i've made so far... and here it is..

Enjoy x

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New stuff :)

I'm updating the shop tomorrow! We got lots of odd pieces that have been hanging around my room for months now.. so we're going to get that all up :)

Robot range is then coming super soon, got quite a few pieces already made but I want to make a few more.. We did order some more clay for this but we got sent the wrong one :( which has now delayed it SLIGHTLY but we did end up getting a free block of clay from it xD

And then, hopefully just after (or maybe just before) the robot range we'll have the MARIO range :D Chris has been working on this and everything is super cute :) I just want to keep it all for myself =p I probably like his work more than mine as I didn't make it :/ but still! Very excited!

I came up with a new idea today as well, I discussed it with my friend Jay & she thought it was a good idea :) I'm going to keep it secret for now as I don't know when I'll make them.. I think I need to try and take on one thing at a time, but I get SO inspired & have a gizillion ideas xD
We're also going to have rings soon :) The ring bases have been order but are obviously not here yet! We're only having a small quantity at first but if they're popular (or more popular than I expect) we'll get and make more :) (I got proven wrong with how popular phone charms were, so yeahhh :p)
I also need to thing of some good jewellery box ideas! I've got the boxes but I'm lacking in good ideas.. I have a few ideas but I need a certain material for it which we can't really afford right now =( but hopefully we'll get some up within the next few months :)
and lastly, on my big ramble of all our upcoming stock, we should have some hair clips soon :) We'll actually they're hairSLIDES, as we're not sure they're going to be very strong (like, they'll slip when you wear them) so we're keeping them VERYYY simple! but we'll hopefully get some better clips & make better ones :) I've got these all planned out, I just need to glue them :)
Well.. that's it folks! I guess I should add some photos in this soon to make it more interesting :) Maybe I'll do some sneak peaks ;D but we'll see...
In the meantime; check out :)

Thank you for reading! :D

Monday, 11 January 2010

Burnt Clay!

Okay, so I didn't quite burn the clay.. but I did accidentally leave it in for 10 minutes longer than I should have!
After shouting some fowl language and running to the kitchen, it turned out it hadn't burned and was completely fine :) PHEW!
I don't know how bad it is if the clay burns! but I've heard it's not particularly the best thing!.. that & I don't want burn products :p
Luckly the poor little robots are fine :) Maybe I should test what happens if I do burn something, or how much longer an item would take to burn.. but then again this would exactly help me in any kind of creative way =p Silly me.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Robot Range!

Hi guys! :)
We're got lots of new goodies coming super soon! but this darn snow has delayed the post so supplies are a little limited!

But we're excited to tell everyone that we're starting a 'robot range' of necklaces, earrings and maybe a bracelet or two :) I can't get any photos up yet but super soon we'll have a new updated site :)


Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hi :)
We did have a blog before but it was pretty rubbish looking and the entries were a bit vague!
but doesn't it look pretty now? well, I can't take credit for that! It's all thanks to my amazing friend Jay Allsopp who is a bit of a wizz at HTML (whereas I am a bit of a dummy!)
We're two people (Michelle & Christopher) who are relatively new at this, we've been making stuff for quite a bit over a year now but had such a slow start (problems with money, finding the right equipment etc..) but now we're up & running :) We've been open for just over 2 months now & we're SO excited by it all :D

We mainly make fully handmade Polymer Clay jewellery (cupcakes, burgers, fries, hot dogs, donuts, monsters, dinosaurs.. this is all sure to expand more soon too :D) We also make a few other bits, such as Mobile phone (or DS?) charms and key rings.
We also make cute plushes :) At the moment they're a fairly basic shape, each one in a different colour with a differently designed face. A few of them are themed - Super-Fizz, Cave-Fizz etc.
We hope to expand Fizz-Monster AS MUCH as possible! The next few steps are hair clips & jewellery boxes which should be added super soon :) and then we're going to have a go at printing a small quantity or bags and t-shirts! but we'll see how that goes :)
We have many more ideas but I won't reveal them all here ;D
We hope to feature lots of exciting news & sneak peaks on this blog.. although with lots of rambles about upcoming products, ideas and inspiration :) So be sure to check back soon :D
but in the mean time you can find us hiding out at :-
And if you have any questions or maybe just fancy a chat :-

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