Monday, 8 February 2010


We've been clearly some stock lately by auctioning off a few bits on ebay! It can be quite a loss but it gives you guys a chance to get some super cheap goodies :)
If you're interested.. there's still a few bits going :) Some plushes from 99p and some necklaces, also from 99p :) Go lookyyyyyyyyy: :)

Also, we're been taking a few pictures to summit to 'Art on the prom' to apply, we're taking our time with applying 'cos we're trying to take the best photos possible and of the best stuff we make :) and since we're in the middle of making A LOT of different things we're waiting for some of them to be done :) But this is one of the images, it made us quite excited to see all of our stuff layed out :D AND also it's a little bit of a sneak peak! 'cos not everything in the photo is on the site yet ;D

It's a little dull, but we can easily brighten it up :) or just take a photo on a better day =p

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