Friday, 5 February 2010

Everything and anything.

Lately we've been working super hard on loads and loads of stuff :)

Chris has mainly been working on a currently SECRET project :p but we should be able to announce it soon :D!!!
I've been working on some cute felt hair clips that.. so far, have turned out really good :) but are still currently unfinished!!

We also have a robot range, Mario range and music note range on the way :)
AND on top of all of this we're trying to bring back some of the fave plushes such as pirate-fizz & cave-fizz.. but to keep everything unique they're slightly different to the ones previously on the site :D
ANDDDDDDDDDD I've been learning to crochet and reminding myself how to knit in order to bring some goodies there :D WOO!

Is there anything else? Hmm.. Yes in fact.
We have a new plush range soon to be made which will be dedicated to my wonderful friends, who have been incredibly supportive and amazing :D

And lastly.. we've been working super hard to make everything soon to go on our site, the highest quality possible :D! WAHHHEYY! On top of this we're applying for 'i make fun stuff' fair and art on the prom :D Due to the amount of work we've given ourselves lately, we're hoping to go to the NEXT i make fun stuff fair and not the one in march! but it should still be super good and we're very excited!! :D Hopefully this year will be a good year for FM :)

Also, keep checking back 'cos super soon we're having a FREE blog giveaway :) in order to promote our blog!! More details of that will be up soon! :D

Thanks guys :D

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