Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hi :)
We did have a blog before but it was pretty rubbish looking and the entries were a bit vague!
but doesn't it look pretty now? well, I can't take credit for that! It's all thanks to my amazing friend Jay Allsopp who is a bit of a wizz at HTML (whereas I am a bit of a dummy!)
We're two people (Michelle & Christopher) who are relatively new at this, we've been making stuff for quite a bit over a year now but had such a slow start (problems with money, finding the right equipment etc..) but now we're up & running :) We've been open for just over 2 months now & we're SO excited by it all :D

We mainly make fully handmade Polymer Clay jewellery (cupcakes, burgers, fries, hot dogs, donuts, monsters, dinosaurs.. this is all sure to expand more soon too :D) We also make a few other bits, such as Mobile phone (or DS?) charms and key rings.
We also make cute plushes :) At the moment they're a fairly basic shape, each one in a different colour with a differently designed face. A few of them are themed - Super-Fizz, Cave-Fizz etc.
We hope to expand Fizz-Monster AS MUCH as possible! The next few steps are hair clips & jewellery boxes which should be added super soon :) and then we're going to have a go at printing a small quantity or bags and t-shirts! but we'll see how that goes :)
We have many more ideas but I won't reveal them all here ;D
We hope to feature lots of exciting news & sneak peaks on this blog.. although with lots of rambles about upcoming products, ideas and inspiration :) So be sure to check back soon :D
but in the mean time you can find us hiding out at :-
And if you have any questions or maybe just fancy a chat :-

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