Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New stuff :)

I'm updating the shop tomorrow! We got lots of odd pieces that have been hanging around my room for months now.. so we're going to get that all up :)

Robot range is then coming super soon, got quite a few pieces already made but I want to make a few more.. We did order some more clay for this but we got sent the wrong one :( which has now delayed it SLIGHTLY but we did end up getting a free block of clay from it xD

And then, hopefully just after (or maybe just before) the robot range we'll have the MARIO range :D Chris has been working on this and everything is super cute :) I just want to keep it all for myself =p I probably like his work more than mine as I didn't make it :/ but still! Very excited!

I came up with a new idea today as well, I discussed it with my friend Jay & she thought it was a good idea :) I'm going to keep it secret for now as I don't know when I'll make them.. I think I need to try and take on one thing at a time, but I get SO inspired & have a gizillion ideas xD
We're also going to have rings soon :) The ring bases have been order but are obviously not here yet! We're only having a small quantity at first but if they're popular (or more popular than I expect) we'll get and make more :) (I got proven wrong with how popular phone charms were, so yeahhh :p)
I also need to thing of some good jewellery box ideas! I've got the boxes but I'm lacking in good ideas.. I have a few ideas but I need a certain material for it which we can't really afford right now =( but hopefully we'll get some up within the next few months :)
and lastly, on my big ramble of all our upcoming stock, we should have some hair clips soon :) We'll actually they're hairSLIDES, as we're not sure they're going to be very strong (like, they'll slip when you wear them) so we're keeping them VERYYY simple! but we'll hopefully get some better clips & make better ones :) I've got these all planned out, I just need to glue them :)
Well.. that's it folks! I guess I should add some photos in this soon to make it more interesting :) Maybe I'll do some sneak peaks ;D but we'll see...
In the meantime; check out :)

Thank you for reading! :D

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