Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fizz-Monster Headquarters =p

Okay.. So we don't really have 'headquarters' =p nor do we have a fancy working space =(
Up until a few weeks ago everything was stored in plastic containers, shoe boxes and random trays =p.. So after much 'umm'ing and 'arrr'ing over weather to buy these or not, Chris went ahead & bought them! =) (for anyone that doesn't know, Fizz-Monster is run by TWO people - Michelle & Chris)

We both thought that they were super cute =) and it sure beats having loads of odd boxes all over my bedroom! (Everything takes place at mine.. Michelle's, since Chris spends ALL his time here anyway =p)

So yeah.. aren't they cute?

They're a bit bigger than they look actually.. and although we can't get EVERYTHING in them, it's still one step closer to being organised =)

They're not actually kept on the floor either, in fact, that particular space would block my door =p It was just easier to photograph!! But we hope to eventually get more and more cute storage related things so that everything is simple, clean and easy =)
I also wanted to get some cute pictures and plushes to put around the main area where everything is kept for motivation and inspiration =) but we'll see!
I should be back to blog in a few weeks with a few sneak peaks =) We have SO many projects half finished that it's actually insane =p but I'm incredibly excited to show you some of the new things coming to Fizz-Monster super soon =)

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